Dyslexia Resources
Kelli Sandman-Hurley
Key Takeaways

What classroom strategies or accommodations can be implemented to support students exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia?


The Alabama Dyslexia Resource Guide includes an entire section about classroom accommodations and strategies. A small sampling is listed below. These accommodations are critical to student success. Assistive technology Clarify or simplify directions Highlight essential information Develop reading guides Provide a copy of lecture notes Use step by step instructions Use of graphic organizers dyslexia assistive technology Use cues to denote important items Display work samples Peer learning Flexible work times Provide additional practice Adjust or substitute assignments What intervention resources are available to support students exhibiting characteristics of dyslexia? Every school in our system has teachers trained to administer the dyslexia-specific screening assessment. We also have teachers in each school trained to implement a variety of dyslexia specific interventions. In addition, all of our district literacy coaches and PST teacher leaders are trained to administer the dyslexia specific screening assessment and to implement dyslexia specific interventions. Dyslexia specific resources available in our district are below: Orton Gillingham (educator-level trained) MindPlay S.P.I.R..E Our district will have ongoing professional develop about dyslexia specific interventions throughout the school year. We also have a district literacy coach trained at the CALT Dyslexia therapist level.